Policy Post // SNAP Challenge // Grocery Shopping

$27.25. All of my groceries for this week came to $27.25, falling just under my $31.50 SNAP Challenge budget. That $27.25 got me all the food in the picture below – a good amount (and HEAVY, because of all the cans!), but I’m skeptical about it lasting me through the week.

SNAP Challenge Food | emilywavering.com

SNAP Challenge Receipt | emilywavering.com
{Receipt proof that I stuck to the budget!}

The contents of my grocery basket didn’t change much from my usual basket, but there were some glaring absences. Coffee and spices, for example, were out of the question. Not necessities, I know, but I’ll miss them. I focused on buying things that I could use in a variety of ways, like spinach (for salads, smoothies and sautéing), and canned pineapple (fruit for snacks, juice for smoothies). My post-grocery shopping snack, in fact, was a spinach smoothie sweetened with the extra pineapple juice from a can of pineapple and a banana.

Spinach Smoothie | emilywavering.com

But my dinner – a pasta frittata recipe from my friends at USDA – was not the best thing I’ve ever eaten. It was (is, actually – there’s still 3/4 of it left to be eaten) really bland, really boring, and kind of weirdly crunchy. I paired it with some roasted brussels sprouts, and called it a dinner, but there was something unsatisfying about the whole thing. I have a feeling that that sense of dissatisfaction will dominate my relationship with food for the next couple of weeks.

SNAP Challenge Dinner | emilywavering.com
{Look at the sprouts, not the frittata. The sprouts were tasty, the frittata was not.}

I felt rather triumphant leaving the grocery store – Budgeting ain’t so hard!, I thought –  but just 24 hours later, I’m getting nervous. I bought a little less food than I normally do, and I usually rely on a dinner out during the course of a week. Thinking about my food for the week is adding a rather unexpected level of stress, and I only have myself to worry about. I can handle my own grumbling stomach when I know I have to budget my food, but what if I had a child?

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